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With longer days approaching and winter on its way out, some of you might fancy spending some time in the great outdoors and La Maremma is the perfect place to do so. Imagine something different such as a trip on two wheels with your friends and family, taking in the breath-taking landscape with informative and innovative guides who will show you the real Tuscany.

We spoke to Luciano from Bicievento who provide a range of unique bicycle tours throughout La Maremma territory…

Luciano, tell me a little bit about Bicievento and your philosophy

We are an association who organise day trips, weekend trips or vacations within La Maremma territory. We explore the territory of La Maremma on bicycle and also on foot.

What separates Bicievento from all of the other tour companies out there? What makes you different?

We take a different approach to the territory, we like to take the time to explain and offer some insight into the botanic, historical and geological side of territory- we like to share the history of La Maremma.

We try to work with the environment, minimising the environmental impact of travel and encouraging as many people as possible to cycle. We also work alongside other organisations which are environmentally friendly. We take more of a cultural approach, explaining what we show, how things are made, the background of the communities and sites we visit.

We organise trips for a range of different levels and abilities, for example trips for people who maybe do not cycle regularly. We also incorporate travel on trains so people can see the territory in a different way instead of being stuck inside a tour bus. We also make suggestions for what people can see or do when they have finished our tours, we put people in contact with other likeminded associations such as the slow-food movement. We might recommend somewhere you can drink a nice aperitivo and learn how the wines are made and where they come from.

We try to promote local cultural events and traditional festivals, and encourage links between local organisations so that our groups can experience a more human side of visiting a territory, less commercialised. We like the idea that a vacation should be more of a unique and personal experience.

Do you have a favourite tour that you like to take people on?

We have a range of tours, a few days or one day or half a day. One of our most popular trips is our one day tour around Orbetello Lagoon.

Part of the tour is over a very flat area of the lagoon, we explain the different vegetation of the lagoon and the marine side, then onto the ancient Roman city of Cosa which is a very beautiful ruin which is relatively unknown as it’s difficult to reach via bus.

You can choose to cycle all the way or walk part of the way, once we reach the site there’s a beautiful view of the Argentario skyline and mountains.

Luciano thank you for speaking to us- happy cycling!

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