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Who We Are

We are a group of free thinkers on two wheels who come from the world of associations. For years, we have been working to give the cities back to the people. We would like to see the squares of our monuments free from cars and traffic, and rather full of children, young people and elders. We would like to make our country more livable by putting as many people as possible on bicycles.

We are building a virtuous laboratory of tourism and sustainable mobility.

We are located in the wonderful lagoon town of Orbetello, and we want to be the promoters of this new adventure: we want locals, tourists and travelers to learn about the breathtaking Maremma territory using low impact transport means like bicycles, sailing boats, trains and trekking.

The Team


Cyclist tour guide and skipper


Accompanying cyclist


Organization and logistics


Tour operator


Travel as a means of inspiration to achieve freedom and happiness.

Slow travel is a cure for the soul that has been locked up in cement and metal boxes for too long. It is a different way of knowing and relating man and nature that takes us back to the past without necessarily giving up modernity.


  • OPPORTUNITY: Live a wonderful experience immersed in the reality of this territory like never before.  Events, culture, cycling, sea, countryside, breathtaking views and simple daily life will give you “la dolce vita”.
  • WE CAN DO IT! Let’s demonstrate that it is possible to enjoy sustainable tourism in Italy, by not using highly polluting means of transportation.
  • ONE MORE BIKE, ONE LESS CAR! Every person we are able to put on a bicycle means one less car on the road. It means a more accessible territory and one more person that discovers the beauty of a new way of moving and observing the surrounding environment.

Sustainable Travel

Our bicycle and sailing tours are studied to minimize the use of cars.

  • The starting point is Orbetello, a lovely town in Maremma Tuscany. It is very pedestrian-friendly and features a long bicycle path that runs along the lagoon and connects it with the train station, where you can catch a fast train to Pisa and Rome;
  • we organize loop bicycle tours, so as to allow all travelers to get back on to their own transportation once the trip is over, without having to deal with tourist buses or bicycle carriers;
  • the starting points of the sailing tours can also be reached with the bicycles that we will make available to you.

The 5 senses of Maremma

Discover the most hidden Maremma with us, far from mass tourism itineraries, without overlooking any of the local essential elements: archeology, nature, history, art, Maremma traditions, and also good food and wine. 
We selected producers and restaurants with a tradition, a virtuous practice and a story to tell. We will involve you in the harvest of olives, as well as in the navigation of the sailing boat. We will leave you the time to observe, smell, listen, taste and touch all that you will encounter on your path: BicieVento, the 5 senses of Maremma.

Did we convince you?

Come try: you don’t need to be a professional cyclist and you don’t need to be an expert sailor.
You only need love for nature and wind (both when it’s blowing in your favor and when it’s against you), be humble enough to get off the bicycle when the hill is too steep – but determined to push on the pedals even when the end seems very far away. If this is who you are, then pack your bags and call us. We have fixed tours but can also customize an itinerary specifically for you, deciding together the route, the length and the level.