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The experience of the senses in all seasons.

Maremma to smell, observe, listen, touch, taste. And to discover.

We chose the bicycle and the sailboat: they are silent, slow to the right point, they don’t pollute, they attract rather than reject, and allow you to linger on details. It’s easier to get closer to the heart of a territory without noise or without being in a hurry.

Then, it was Maremma to choose all four seasons for us, giving us unique and special sensations in every moment of the year.

In spring we will be overwhelmed by the perfumes of the broom bushes, oleanders, wisteria and jasmine that accompany our ride. We will admire the striking colors of the fields covered in yellow flowers, poppies and green corn. We will touch the fresh grass with our bare feet while resting under a centuries-old olive tree. We will taste delicious warm ricotta straight out of the Manciano cheese factory.

In summer, we will enter the Feniglia pinewood quietly to be welcomed by a deafening cicadas’ concert and by the strong smell of maritime pines and Mediterranean vegetation. Our snacks along the ride? Mature figs picked directly from the trees! While sailing around the Argentario Promontory, we will be accompanied by the scent of the sea and by the rustle of the winds. The mild temperatures will allow us to spend a night in tents, to be awaken at sunrise by an orchestra of classical music on the rolling Maremma hills.

Autumn gives the traveler the possibility of touching and tasting the most precious fruits of this land. Harvest Sangiovese grapes and local olives with the farmers. Smell the aromas of vineyards loaded with Sangiovese grapes as you cycle through Maremma’s paths. Feel the rustle of the first cold and dry Tramontana winds that ruffle the fields and sculpt rocks and souls. In the evening, treat your palate with some buckwheat tagliatelle seasoned with Chianina-meat white ragout, cooked by Ms. Ada. The sunsets on Orbetello Lagoon reward us every evening with unique colors and shades.

Winter is the best season to observe the hidden life of nature. Vacationers are a distant memory and the animals show themselves in all their essence: hares can be spotted on Via di Cameretta; deer will be awaiting us on our way out of the Feniglia; flamingos will create pink designs while flying on the lagoon’s blue sky; herons and little egrets will take flight as we pass by. Observe lagoon-fishing techniques passed down through generations, and taste the bottarga and orata of Orbetello directly from the fishermen on the lagoon side. To relax and reward your muscles from the tiring rides, immerge yourself in Saturnia’s smoking hot springs, rich with sulfur. You will carry the odor on your skin for days.

During every season, you will be surprised by the secrets and quirks told by our elders… Why is Argentario’s wine named Maisto and Africo?  Why is Tuscan bread salt-free?

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